Arthritis can be a pain to deal with especially if you have had it for a long time.

People all over the globe suffer from it and it is, in fact, considered to be a driving factor for disability.

In several countries, as much as 20% of the population is said to suffer from one or more types of arthritis.

Although there are as many as a hundred different types, there are 2 that are especially prevalent namely the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Typical Ways to Deal with Arthritis

The 2 prevalent types of arthritis have no known cures until now.

Treatment simply serves to mitigate the pain or alleviate it temporarily.

Here are the ways these are dealt with:

Physical therapy – affected joints, when subjected to exercise, are shown to have significantly better long-term pain relief.

That’s why exercise of the afflicted joint is encouraged for sufferers.

Aside from the pain relief, range of motion is also further enhanced when one subjects it to exercise.

In fact, advanced cases of arthritis needing surgery were seen to have been delayed thanks to the introduction of physical activity.

Medication – medications for arthritis are on a never ending cycle.

Afflicted individuals are started out with basic meds that have few side effects.

As they grow accustomed to it, they are
moved on to stronger meds until the time they are desensitized to it too at which point they move on to the next one.

Surgery – when joints are no longer responsive to medicine and physical therapy, surgical treatment is the next step.

Surgery is usually effective only for osteoarthritis. For rheumatoid
arthritis, it is not worthwhile due to the number of joints that are typically affected.

It is also worth noting that joint surgery can save you from blinding pain and allow you to enjoy more motion but it usually doesn’t restore the joint back to its original state.

Alternative Methods Such as Using Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy to Deal with Arthritis

Physical therapy doesn’t suit everybody especially those who are debilitated by the pain of arthritis.

Medication, too, can only go so far before it starts eating up one’s liver. Surgery is left for extreme cases and can prove useless in most instances.

With all those issues, what else is there on the table?

Infrared Sauna heat therapy is safe, efficient and proven way to alleviate arthritis pain. It accomplishes this via the following:

Stress hormone production – the body has 3 stress hormones namely adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.

Adrenaline is the most popular one and is called the flight hormone.

The production of adrenaline helps increase circulation to the muscles and also the blood sugar levels.

This spike in nutrients and sugar helps you feel better and also numbs you to some of the pain.

Noradrenaline is a hormone that is similar to adrenaline.

It has the capability to increase your heart rate and blood pressure which is really important for arthritis sufferers.

The increased blood flow helps distribute nutrients and oxygen to the various blood vessels all around the body.

This is crucial as the pain receptors all around the body can only function as well as it is nourished.

Cortisol, the steroid hormone, is the last hormone produced during sauna heat therapy sessions.

Cortisol is necessary for reducing inflammation which is majority of what arthritis pain is comprised of.

Endorphin production – endorphins are the body’s “feel good hormones.”

Endorphins block pain signals from being transmitted which means that although your body has signaled that you should be in pain, not all of the receptors receive the signal.

This helps mitigate the pain experienced by arthritis sufferers.

And this is why using infrared sauna heat therapy to deal with arthritis is the BEST method for many.

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Kim Brillon is an experienced Licensed Practical Nurse and a highly successful Licensed Massage Therapist in NY State who understood the importance of regular sauna usage to ensure a detoxification process on a cellular level in order to improve overall well-being so she became a sauna dealer for Golden Designs Inc. and Almost Heaven Saunas.

Take note that Pure Life Energy Saunas is not a recognized medical entity allowed to diagnose or prescribe any medical treatment or device. You can easily find a lot of information on this website and on the internet promoting the benefits of infrared saunas. It is recommended to consult with your physician before getting started on an extensive use of an infrared sauna.

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