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Wow! We got this Sauna last night and my husband and I put it together in a flash, it heated up in less than 30 minutes and we enjoyed the experience. The chromatic color option is great for color therapy, and the sound system is a plus! I have been an avid Sauna user for the past 20+ years and NEVER had I sweat as I did last night! I was so impressed, that I wanted to research the Pro’s and Con’s of this FAR Infrared sauna -vs- steam sauna and my findings were mind blowing, So Glad my husband bought me this, he has customized my master bedroom closet and place this Sauna in it, It looks like it was custom made (which is why it took over an hour to set up, the fit is tight) to fit our space!!! Hurry and buy it while you can, you will be glad you did.”

Mira76 / Arizona

I made an excellent choice!

Not only a wonderful sauna but a beautiful piece of furniture. Well built. Should last many years.
Mickel / Arizona

Excellent purchase

“Had this sauna for a week now , we just love it ,the whole family uses it, this is far better than the traditional saunas in gyms where you have rocks on top of an electric heater , where your inside nostrils would burn after a while from breathing through the nose. This uses the new technology of infrared carbon panels , they heat up in approximately 25 minutes to your desired temperature , you start sweating after approximately 8 minutes in , also burns 600 calories in one 30 minute session, this is amazing. The sauna has an MP3 or AUX input inside the sauna, this is great when you plug in an IPOD , hovever I plug a satellite radio to the AUX input by running the cable from the outside through the top vents to listen to SPA music which when you are in the sauna it gives you the tranquility feeling of being at a SPA treatment place right in your home. It is certainly a great addition to any household and provides many health benefits, should have bought one a long time ago , very proud to own one now.”



“My wife and I had been wanting to get an Infrared Sauna for years and finally jumped at the chance when this model came up at a great price. My wife and I had to enlist the help of our two teenage children to get the pieces into the basement and to assemble. It heats up nice in 15 minutes and build up a good sweat within 20 minutes. Make sure you bring in a large glass of water with you. Very glad we finally got one. Pros: unit is well built and looks good inside and out.

Cons: the front panel is very heavy to move.
Smiley1Candy / Milwaukee, WI

Saunas 2-person well worth the wait.

“Best assembled with two people who are able to follow instructions. So read them first and get it right or read them after and double your assembly time!!
Excellent product.”
NewfieinWindsor / Windsor, NS

Totally Rocks.


Beautiful construction, you can brighten or intensify the colored lights, heats in about 20 minutes, easy to put together I have Fibromyalgia and I purchased this sauna for therapeutic reasons. It is wonderful. The man who delivered it pulled it into our garage, which was handy as it was too cold to unwrap the pallet in the outside climate. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to unpack it, carry it into the house and put it together. I’ve spent a lot of time in it – and enjoy it immensely.”

Smilindollbaby / Johnston, IA

We love our new sauna.

We love our new sauna. I was so impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to every detail. The unit was so carefully packaged that I don’t think anything could have happen to it in shipping. It was very easy to assemble (less than 30 minutes with two people). Every year, my wife gets poison ivy while working in her plantings and she usually suffers with it for several weeks because it just spreads on her arms, legs and sometimes her face. Many years she has had to go to the doctor for prescription medicine. As usual, she got her annual case of poison ivy. I told her to try the sauna, reluctantly she did and the poison did not spread like in past years. She has two small patches on her wrists and within 3-4 days of using the sauna, the patches were drying up. She was worried that by getting so hot in sauna would just make her itch and scratch more, but she really didn’t scratch much at all. Well this experience has really sold her on the sauna and she uses it regularly.

Tom in Hamilton / Ohio (near Cincinnati, OH and Indianapolis, IN)

Just setup our new sauna

Just setup our new sauna in our basement rec room – took about 45 minutes to an hour with two people. Very easy to put together and instructions were easy and right on. We used to pay to take infrared saunas across town – now the whole family can take advantage and never have to leave home. Best investment I have ever made in my family’s health!

Bob / Springfield, MO (South of Kansas City and St. Louis, MO)

Extremely happy!

“This will be long so first off, I love this sauna. We’ve had it up & running for just over a week. We got it for me (detoxing from Lyme – Plus I am always cold in the damp NW winters.), so I am the one using it the most. Daily, sometimes 2x a day. My husband has only used it once and we haven’t used it together yet. If you can afford a bigger model & have the space I would say go for it.
Regardless, I am thrilled w/ this purchase. Love the lights and MP3 player. I use the MP3 player every time & spend my time reading and journalling and often do not want to get out! The only improvement I can think to add would be some kind of program that would allow you to have it turn on & heat up at a predetermined time.  Otherwise I am in LOVE!
As for putting it together – My husband & I successfully carried it down into our basement bedroom and put it together ourselves. Might have taken more than an hour due to carrying up & down a lot of stairs, but it was simple enough.
Overall I am extremely happy!”
alcrisp / Portland, OR

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