Major Health Benefits of Sauna HEAT THERAPY

Saunas are not a luxury, they are a health necessity!

Whether you are purchasing a sauna as a preventive health measure or as part of your chronic health detoxification tool, you have come to the right place. Pure Life Energy Saunas is here to help you experience the full health benefits of sauna heat therapy.

Check out the major health benefits a far infrared sauna offers:


Better heart health: If you are concerned about your heart (610,00 people die of heart disease each year in the US), then far infrared sauna heat therapy is meant for you. There are many scientific medical studies  available today; about the cardiovascular effects of far infrared sauna bathing, and how it can promote long-term heart healing. Far infrared sauna sessions can also help manage Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, and regulate blood pressure.

Weight loss: The far infrared sauna therapy is also a great weight loss and management solution. One session can burn up to 700 calories while you are relaxing. This is better than spending long hours in the gym. Pure Life Energy Saunas far infrared sauna therapy will help you lose weight and become healthier at the same time. Win-win!!

Pain relief: Do you feel overworked or burdened by chronic physical strain? Pure Life Energy saunas can reduce sore nerve endings, muscle spasms, and arthritic joint pain. On top of that, a sauna improves blood flow – which in turn will bring your sex drive to a whole new level.


“Wow! We got this Sauna last night and my husband and I put it together in a flash, it heated up in less than 30 minutes and we enjoyed the experience. The chromatic color option is great for color therapy, and the sound system is a plus! I have been an avid Sauna user for the past 20+ years and NEVER had I sweat as I did last night! I was so impressed, that I wanted to research the Pro’s and Con’s of this FAR Infrared sauna -vs- steam sauna and my findings were mind blowing, So Glad my husband bought me this, he has customized my master bedroom closet and place this Sauna in it, It looks like it was custom made (which is why it took over an hour to set up, the fit is tight) to fit our space!!! Hurry and buy it while you can, you will be glad you did.”

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Detoxification: The main cause of a disease is the abundance of toxins in your system. The best way to remove this is through a detoxification process. Pure Life Energy saunas will help your body detoxify and can also oxygenate all of your cells. In just one or a few sessions, you will feel wholly invigorated!

Skin rejuvenation: Do you have dry and itchy skin? Far infrared sauna can reverse this by accelerating the skin’s healing and recovery process. Now, you no longer have to worry about blemishes and scars!

Chronic disease recovery: Chronic diseases can affect the overall quality of your life. If you are suffering from a chronic disease such as Lyme, a far infrared sauna can be a remarkable solution. Far infrared sauna heat therapy can drastically help improve the rate of your chronic disease recovery. Get started on a healthier YOU, order your sauna today! If you have any questions, you may reach us at (888) 322-8901 or fill out the form below.



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