On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about infrared saunas. If you do not find the answer to what you are looking for on this page, then please contact us so we can gladly answer your question(s).

What is the best wood to choose when purchasing a new infrared sauna?

There are different aspects to be considered when choosing the right type of wood.

Wood Toxicity is the most important to us because it is the most important to our clients. Most of our clients are looking to detox their bodies from environmental toxins not introduce them. As such toxicity is of great concern as our saunas are used in medical facilities around the US. As such, all of our saunas are specially kiln dried to burn away oils and resins that may otherwise outgas allergens and toxins during the heating and cooling of the wood in the sauna environment.

Wood weight is a concern as it can increase the price of the sauna being delivered to you and limiting the availability to those who need it most. The weight of the wood contributes to the difficulty in assembly because the heavier wood would need additional hardware to support the added weight increases the price of the sauna.

Shrinkage is important to note because it tells us how the wood will age over time it will determine how likely the wood will splinter or cracks as your sauna heats up and cools down over time.

Crushing Strength is important because in a sauna environment we don’t want to step through our floor or split our bench as both pose a danger to the end user. Although construction design is also an important factor in the strength and durability of your sauna it is important that the wood itself is strong enough to not crack or give when under pressure.

The working properties of a wood are of concern because we need a wood that is easy to work with to maintain at an affordable price.

As we narrow down the woods based on important properties specific to sauna use we find that Hemlock is the ideal choice for both its hypoallergenic properties, appropriate balance of weight and strength and minimal shrinkage. Hemlock is normally considered to be a scentless, resin-free wood that is available in very large, knot-free dimensions. The wood has a very regular, uniform structure, and is not durable outdoors. Hemlock is not easy to impregnate so surface scarring and imprinting are rare in hemlock. Some infrared sauna companies choose different woods such as Basswood or Aspen but these woods are very soft often poorly hold nails and are more suitable to carving not for a long-lasting sauna cabin construction.

So if Hemlock is the ideal wood, why would companies manufacture saunas from Cedar?

In truth, most of us are phasing out the use of Cedar. We use it now out of tradition. Most people are unfamiliar with an infrared sauna and immediately associate the sauna with a traditional hot rock or steam sauna. When I say “sauna”, they say “Cedar”. What is important to know about Cedar is that a properly constructed Cedar sauna will not have that cedar smell we associate with a cedar chest or closet. In a properly constructed cedar sauna the wood is kiln dried specifically to burn away resins and oils that can outgas during a sauna session eliminating that cedar fragrance. The only benefit of cedar in an indoor sauna is aesthetic value. Cedar is a beautiful traditional wood that makes gorgeous furniture but can be susceptible to scarring or indentation due to its soft nature. Cedar also has benefits when used outdoors as it is very durable in regard to decay resistance, and has some resistance to insect attack. All Pure Life Energy Infrared Saunas are for indoor use only.

If you are seeking an outdoor sauna it is important to choose a Barrel Sauna which is built specifically for outdoor use.

Are your saunas safe and do your sauna have any certifications?

Our saunas are safe. Nontoxic water-based glue is used sparingly in our saunas, mainly at the joints. The wood cabinet is expertly nailed and hand sanded to a smooth natural finish. All our FAR Infrared saunas are either 100% Canadian Hemlock wood or Western Red Cedar. Our saunas have been scrutinized and tested at the highest levels and electrically certified by ETL Labs.

Is infrared heat safe?

Infrared energy is not only safe but is also highly beneficial for our bodies. Far Infrared heat has been actively used in the medical field around the world for decades. Physicians, surgeons, pain management clinics, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc., have all used infrared heat to help their patients with a variety of health issues for many years. Infrared Saunas have become mainstream in the health and wellness field and its popularity among health care professionals grows each and every year.

How is infrared saunas better than traditional saunas?

In an infrared sauna, the heat penetrates deeper and faster into the human body in contrast to the humid, surface heat of a traditional sauna. An infrared sauna uses less energy, heats up much quicker and is effective at a lower temperature so that one can tolerate the heat for a longer session without having difficulty to breathe thus increasing the benefits of the sauna.

With infrared heat, your body will produce 3 times more perspiration removing in between 4 to 7 times more harmful disease-causing toxins and waste from the body as it goes deeper into the tissues leaving you healthier and your skin better glowing!

Do I have to pay extra for shipping?

No! We include shipping at no extra cost anywhere in the continental United States.

What is included with my infrared sauna?

All our infrared saunas include:


Oxygen Ionizer/Air Purifier

Interior & Exterior Soft Touch 90 Minute Control Panels

Carved Edges with Decorative Molding

Hidden Front Buckle Latching System

Interior Chromotherapy Reading Lights,

Full Tempered Glass Door and Tempered Windows,

Magazine rack,

Cup holder,

Towel bar,

AM/FM/CD player (most models) with roof mount speakers & Mp3 input (1/8” Jack),

Outside Decor Lights (most models)

How long does it take to get my new sauna?

Even though you could very possibly get your sauna in approximately 15  business days after you place the order. We prefer to say in between 4 to 6 weeks. This way we make sure to always be able to stand up to our promise: WE DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE!

We have access to over 3000 saunas in stock at any time (the largest inventory in the USA). We prefer to play safe when answering this question as we occasionally experienced unexpected situations (transport) where people were disappointed. In other words, we rather have people think 1 month and receive their sauna on the tenth day or less and having a smile on their face instead of…

How will my sauna ship?

All saunas ship Free of Charge from our California Warehouse wrapped and palletized for your Freight Carrier who will call you to schedule an appointment which you have 3 days to accept without incurring storage fees. When the sauna arrives it will come on a lift gate truck. The lift gate will lower your palletized sauna to the ground and the driver will use a pallet jack to move the sauna off the street. Special Delivery Requirements will incur an additional fee.

We would like to iterate a few key points regarding the delivery of your sauna.

1. You will receive a phone call from the freight carrier to set a delivery day and time. You will be contacted 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery. Delivery is normally within a 4 hours window and every effort will be made to ensure that.

2. Any delivery issues (remote areas, long driveways, large and low hanging trees, apartment complex, stairs, etc.) should be addressed with the freight carrier when you make your appointment.

3. The sauna will be delivered in 1 box for 1-2 person models or multiple boxes for larger units.
All boxes will be strapped to a pallet.
Our saunas, in most cases, are delivered in a semi truck with a 53-foot trailer.
The single driver will unload the pallet ONLY to your curbside or driveway.

4. Once the driver has unloaded the pallet, we ask that you immediately inspect the exterior of the box(s) for any damage. Please indicate any minor scratches, indentations, or scuff marks to the box(s). You do not need to open the boxes to inspect the sauna. Refuse delivery if you should see a large hole anywhere (most likely damage made by freight carrier forklift forks).

5. Any questions regarding the delivery process, assembly, or general questions on how to get the most from your sauna experience please contact our Customer Service at support@purelifeenergysaunas.com or call Toll free (888) 322-8901

Monday to Friday  9 AM – 8 PM EST

Note: We never recommend anyone try to carry the boxes. It is recommended that you break down the pallet and the sauna boxes outside and bring each sauna panel in one at a time. This makes for quick light work.

For more information about shipping click here.

How long does it take to set up and install my sauna?

All our saunas take about 1 hour to assemble and install. Only a regular & Philips head screwdriver is needed. It is very easy to put up your sauna and you will have fun doing so. Here is a little video we enjoyed putting together showing the different steps…

What is your service guarantee?

We are committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied at every level during and after your sauna purchase. Our business is greatly based on referrals. We don’t know who you know….

…you will be well taken care of!

Why carbon fiber heaters better that ceramic heaters?

Ceramic heaters can burn to the touch, carbon heaters do not do this. In addition, there are no “hot spots” with Carbon heaters, and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the cabin. This gives you a much better and even heating session, allowing the far infrared rays to be absorbed into more of your body, which makes it much more enjoyable and safer to use.

How much does it cost each month to operate?

Many saunas company make extraordinary claims in this regard and advertise that the cost is between 10 to 15 cents a session making the monthly cost $4.50 for 30 sessions which seems very low.  All of our saunas use normal 115-volt power. The wattage used ranges from 1450 watts (13A) to 2300 watts (20A). If you chose a 1 or 2 person sauna, we believe that your monthly cost (if used every day) will be $15 to $20 and a little more for a bigger sauna.

Where do I install my infrared sauna?

Your Infrared Sauna has to be placed in any indoor location you desire accessible to any standard electrical outlet (Check if the model is 15 or 20 amps). It is important that you make sure to have the needed space for the infrared sauna model you are going to buy. Please take good note of the dimensions when choosing your sauna.

How do I clean the surface of the wood of my infrared sauna?

A damp cloth is recommended. There is already a finish on the wood.

Be careful to NEVER use any products that would void your warranty.

Is far infrared light or heat dangerous?

Infrared heat is considered safer than natural sunlight without the danger of ultra-violet rays. Infrared light may penetrate almost 3-4″ into the body. faster than conventional saunas, thus implementing a greater variety of health benefits more quickly. For more scientific proof click here.

What is the maximum temperature of an infrared sauna?

Our infrared saunas have a top setting of 150 or 151 degrees. Infrared sauna rarely gets to those temperatures though. They usually operate between 130 degrees and 145 degrees, depending on room conditions. Infrared is thermal energy, so it heats up what it “bumps” into. A direct heat versus a heating of the air.

Can an infrared sauna be placed on a covered back porch?

Infrared saunas do not perform well in colder ambient temperatures. Also, they should not be exposed to the elements. A covered porch in warmer climates may be okay if it is truly able to protect the sauna from all weather. If you expose your infrared sauna to the outdoor elements, you may void your Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you want to put your sauna outside, then chose our outdoor sauna models.

Why do outdoor saunas have different heating system than indoor saunas?

Outdoor saunas have traditional electric heaters in them because infrared is not effective in overcoming cool ambient air temperatures. For example, if it is 50 degrees outside, the infrared heaters will struggle to get the air in the sauna warm enough to be comfortable, and assist in your sweat. Infrared is thermal energy, mostly heating what it bumps into. It really does not directly heat the air. Traditional sauna heaters heat the air, and can work a little longer to overcome cold (even sub-zero) outdoor temperatures.

Take note that Pure Life Energy Saunas is not a recognized medical entity allowed to diagnose or prescribe any medical treatment or device. You can easily find a lot of information on this website and on the internet promoting the benefits of infrared saunas. It is recommended to consult with your physician before getting started on an extensive use of an infrared sauna.

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