A Harmful Relationship
Has a Very Negative Effect on Your Health

Unfortunately many people have trouble identifying if they are involved in a harmful relationship. This short video will give some indications as to what to take into consideration in that regard.



A Harmful Relationship Can and Will Make You Sick

Many medical studies have established that stress is one of the main cause of most if not all deadly diseases.

What do you think happens to a person who is involved in a harmful relationship?

They will be under a constant stress. Stress is not exclusively being under pressure at work or having financial slumps in need to be handled. Stress is also insecurity, low self-esteem, doubt and all those feelings that create the opposite emotion which is enthusiasm.

Have you ever felt stressed when being enthusiastic?

The higher emotions create life. They are not possible near toxic people. These toxic personalities have thousands of methods you will not even suspect to destroy the people around them. This is what they do and focus on. When they smile, it is to betray. When they compliment, it is to take people’s guard down for the coming knock out punh.

I personally use the time I spend daily in my infrared sauna to analyse the types of communication I receive, how I feel around the people I meet and in my surroundings. I take time to determine if I feel free and rejuvenated or…

I do not need to explain the introverted uncomfortable feeling of being in a harmful relationship, I am sure you experienced it yourself at some point in your life…

Get your infrared sauna today and have your own dedicated place to cleanse every part of your life. From a harmful relationship included. There is no better time and place to do so…