It as been said and written over and over that America is in a crisis regarding Obesity.

What we all want to know however is why and how is it possible to lose weight and stay slim and healthy.

If you are overweight you want answers, solutions – FACTS!  The truth about weight loss…

Now you understand why regular infrared sauna sessions is not only helpful to loose weight but to cleanse your body of the toxins that also have other very negative effects on your overall well-being

The Truth About Why You Have a Hard Time Loosing Weight

Obesity is rising steadily around the world. Convincing evidence suggests that diet and activity level are not the only factors in this trend—chemical “obesogens” may alter human metabolism and predispose some people to gain weight. Fetal and early-life exposures to certain obesogens may alter some individuals’ metabolism and fat-cell makeup for life. Other obesogenic effects are linked to adulthood exposures.

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When does this all start?

What You Can and Should Do About it!

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