I am so happy I bought the sauna

 So far, I am loving the sauna. I have been using it daily for 20 to 30 minutes. My skin looks amazing. My husband thought I was wearing make up but I was not. It was because of the sauna. I have lost 4 pounds in the last week. My appetite has decreased and I am not snacking all the time. I am having less migraines and back pain. I feel like a session in the sauna gives me a lot of energy. My daily routine has been sitting in the sauna and then completing exercise and weightlifting. I am so happy I bought the sauna. I would highly recommend it to anyone for better health.

Thanks, ~Leigh Ann

Wisdom 3 person far infrared sauna

 Best ‘healthy feeling’ EVER

“The delivery of our infrared sauna was great! No cracks or anything at time of drop off. The assembly of the sauna took me and my fiance less than two hours to put together. I just LOVE what it does to my skin afterwards – it gives me a rosy appearance because it increases blood flow (which is a health benefit) – my hands aren’t cold as they usually are because of the increased blood flow to my hands …. as well, i feel like i just ran 2 km! Its reduced my stress levels, given me a more healthier skin, even my senses are a little heightened; Ive even lost weight!! I remember sweating black sweat (which was probably tar) from a couple nights before when I was smoking; from then on I had no urge to smoke ….. cool!!!!! My body looks leaner, more muscular, and defined! They say each 30 min session you burn 600 calories. We’re in there for, at least, 45 min! We’ve had our sauna going at 55-58 degrees celcius before we jump in! Eventually, the sauna will heat up faster when its used often; the first inital periods it will take a little longer to heat up. I’ve had no door problems neither the infrared carbon heaters. Also, it doesnt consume a lot of power either! Though it doesnt need a dedicated outlet with nothing else plugged into it. Either than that I LOVE IT! I recommend it to anyone who’s curious to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level, to the person who wants to lose weight or take their weight loss management to the next level, to the person who wants to find relaxation and stress free from life. GET ONE NOW! They are the new “in” in spa therapy, and they will only attract more popularity!!! This thing will pay for itself in a year!!!”



Omega 150Thrilled with my new sauna

“Company called to schedule delivery much sooner than expected and gave specific instructions on receiving merchandise. We had to refuse first sauna because of damage to the box (not the company’s fault.) The very next day the company called and advised they had shipped another sauna. I received it 3 days later and was impressed with the very protective and compact packaging. Customer service was OUTSTANDING. Assembly took approx. 1.5 hours. Not difficult. Will take 2 people to assemble. Front panel a little heavy and tricky to install. We had to lift the side panels about one inch from the inside to latch the front door on. We carefully used a mallet to adjust back into the bottom floor piece. It all fell into place beautifully. We used the rectangle packaging blocks to hold the top roof while we connected all the electrical cords/wiring to prevent damage. MP3/sound system is awesome and the lighting adds a nice touch to the unit.”
Lareina / Las Vegas, Nevada  


Fortitude 150Very Nice!

“Assembled easily, but the components are heavy and the instruction manual is basically worthless. We replaced an oversize tub and built the sauna in the middle of our bathroom and then slide/lifted it into the alcove. Looks beautiful in the room and works great.”

mazda86 / Colorado
Avidity 2 person Ultra Low EMF Infrared Suana


Sorry I waited so long to buy one

Pros: improved health
Cons: none
“Took care of the shoulder pain so no more cortisone injections! Mom’s back pain way better! Skin clearer! AND AWESOME SLEEP! less snoring, less tossing around at night but amazingly less pain throughout my body. Audio great and I use a mini ipod with my relaxing music so it’s a great de-stressor after work. I love this unit so much and I’m able to breathe easily in this larger until as apposed to the one person sauna I’ve had in the past. Don’t buy the one person sauna (spend the extra bucks for 2-3 person) The heat doesn’t envelope around to the front of my face so I can sit in this sauna for 30-40 minutes without it affecting my sinuses and making my head throb. Big difference b/w one vs 2-3 person sauna. JIHO. Buy this…you won’t regret.”
Svetlana / South Florida

Bhodi 150Everything they said it was!

“Arrived in fantastic packing. Need 2 very strong guys to put together. Went together without a hitch. When installing the plug if possible put up 68″ from floor making it a cinch to plug in. Used for first time last night and love it!”

Pros: easy assembly – all parts were there….
Cons: non – so far

bionicknee / Park City, UT


Avidity 2 person Ultra Low EMF Infrared Suana


Wow! We got this Sauna last night and my husband and I put it together in a flash, it heated up in less than 30 minutes and we enjoyed the experience. The chromatic color option is great for color therapy, and the sound system is a plus! I have been an avid Sauna user for the past 20+ years and NEVER had I sweat as I did last night! I was so impressed, that I wanted to research the Pro’s and Con’s of this FAR Infrared sauna -vs- steam sauna and my findings were mind blowing, So Glad my husband bought me this, he has customized my master bedroom closet and place this Sauna in it, It looks like it was custom made (which is why it took over an hour to set up, the fit is tight) to fit our space!!! Hurry and buy it while you can, you will be glad you did.”

Mira76 / Arizona


Concord 2

A great deal and a great product

Pros: well made good value looks classy, speakers and colored light a nice touch Cons: none. This sauna is well constructed, easy to assemble and works very well to get a sweat going. Shipping took only a few days and was delivered right into my garage :) I put it together myself and managed to do it in 45min, however i should note that i am in my 20s and in good shape. I have used it daily for about a week now and i LOVE this thing. Two people can fit comfortably but you’re right next to each other. The speakers are a great touch, i have the sauna setup in my living room and i have the speakers hooked up to my TVs audio so i can watch with sound which is really cool. The quality of this sauna is commensurate with the price and overall i would say it’s a great value considering it’s health benefits. Takes about 30min to heat up then i do 20mins in the sauna with a quick cold rinse in my shower 3 times for a total of an hour of sauna time. Might sound crazy but it feels amazing when you’re done. All things considered I would say you would be hard pressed to find a good reason NOT to have one of these in your home. Thanks, this is a great product!

SaunaDude / Santa Rosa, CA


I made an excellent choice!

Not only a wonderful sauna but a beautiful piece of furniture. Well built. Should last many years.
Mickel / Arizona


Excellent purchase

“Had this sauna for a week now , we just love it ,the whole family uses it, this is far better than the traditional saunas in gyms where you have rocks on top of an electric heater , where your inside nostrils would burn after a while from breathing through the nose. This uses the new technology of infrared carbon panels , they heat up in approximately 25 minutes to your desired temperature , you start sweating after approximately 8 minutes in , also burns 600 calories in one 30 minute session, this is amazing. The sauna has an MP3 or AUX input inside the sauna, this is great when you plug in an IPOD , hovever I plug a satellite radio to the AUX input by running the cable from the outside through the top vents to listen to SPA music which when you are in the sauna it gives you the tranquility feeling of being at a SPA treatment place right in your home. It is certainly a great addition to any household and provides many health benefits, should have bought one a long time ago , very proud to own one now.”



Hope 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Love it!!

“Unit arrived in the driveway – carefully placed in the garage – set up took a little more than one hour – very well made (love that the wood is from BC) Great price too – great for relieving sore muscles – looking forward to feeling the benefits from this nice looking unit!”




“My wife and I had been wanting to get an Infrared Sauna for years and finally jumped at the chance when this model came up at a great price. My wife and I had to enlist the help of our two teenage children to get the pieces into the basement and to assemble. It heats up nice in 15 minutes and build up a good sweat within 20 minutes. Make sure you bring in a large glass of water with you. Very glad we finally got one. Pros: unit is well built and looks good inside and out.

Cons: the front panel is very heavy to move.
Smiley1Candy / Milwaukee, WI  


Bhodi 150Saunas 2-person well worth the wait.

“Best assembled with two people who are able to follow instructions. So read them first and get it right or read them after and double your assembly time!!
Excellent product.”
NewfieinWindsor / Windsor, NS  


 Totally Rocks.

Beautiful construction, you can brighten or intensify the colored lights, heats in about 20 minutes, easy to put together I have Fibromyalgia and I purchased this sauna for therapeutic reasons. It is wonderful. The man who delivered it pulled it into our garage, which was handy as it was too cold to unwrap the pallet in the outside climate. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to unpack it, carry it into the house and put it together. I’ve spent a lot of time in it – and enjoy it immensely.”

Smilindollbaby / Johnston, IA  


Tahira 3 person Low Emf Infrared Sauna

We love our new sauna.

We love our new sauna. I was so impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to every detail. The unit was so carefully packaged that I don’t think anything could have happen to it in shipping. It was very easy to assemble (less than 30 minutes with two people). Every year, my wife gets poison ivy while working in her plantings and she usually suffers with it for several weeks because it just spreads on her arms, legs and sometimes her face. Many years she has had to go to the doctor for prescription medicine. As usual, she got her annual case of poison ivy. I told her to try the sauna, reluctantly she did and the poison did not spread like in past years. She has two small patches on her wrists and within 3-4 days of using the sauna, the patches were drying up. She was worried that by getting so hot in sauna would just make her itch and scratch more, but she really didn’t scratch much at all. Well this experience has really sold her on the sauna and she uses it regularly.

Tom in Hamilton / Ohio (near Cincinnati, OH and Indianapolis, IN)  


Triumph 3 Person Ultra Low EMF Infrared SaunaJust setup our new sauna

Just setup our new sauna in our basement rec room – took about 45 minutes to an hour with two people. Very easy to put together and instructions were easy and right on. We used to pay to take infrared saunas across town – now the whole family can take advantage and never have to leave home. Best investment I have ever made in my family’s health!

Bob / Springfield, MO (South of Kansas City and St. Louis, MO)  



Wow!  Wednesday our new sauna was delivered directly from California, and this morning (less than a week after we ordered) we enjoyed the benefits of 130 degrees of warmth and chromotherapy together! A helpful electrician ran a dedicated line, put an extra breaker in the electrical panel and a dedicated 20 amp surge protector. (Larger infrared saunas need a 20 amp outlet). Our teenage son’s friend last night exclaimed: “Wow, your home just got way cooler.” (I think he meant warmer or perhaps “hot”). 

David / Farington, UT (between Ogden and Salt Lake City UT)  


Extremely happy!

“This will be long so first off, I love this sauna. We’ve had it up & running for just over a week. We got it for me (detoxing from Lyme – Plus I am always cold in the damp NW winters.), so I am the one using it the most. Daily, sometimes 2x a day. My husband has only used it once and we haven’t used it together yet. If you can afford a bigger model & have the space I would say go for it. 
Regardless, I am thrilled w/ this purchase. Love the lights and MP3 player. I use the MP3 player every time & spend my time reading and journalling and often do not want to get out! The only improvement I can think to add would be some kind of program that would allow you to have it turn on & heat up at a predetermined time.  Otherwise I am in LOVE! 
As for putting it together – My husband & I successfully carried it down into our basement bedroom and put it together ourselves. Might have taken more than an hour due to carrying up & down a lot of stairs, but it was simple enough.
Overall I am extremely happy!”
alcrisp / Portland, OR  



Went together easily bout an hour with 2 people a third set of hands is nice but not needed. Heats up in about 20-30 min fully and its so nice!!! Now I can enjoy my $10 a month bare bones gym and come home to my own sauna and not have to deal with nasty people!! If you are a avg – normal size person get the 2-3 person unit its perfect. The single I have to believe would be like a phone booth / coffin. LOVE THIS UNIT!! A+”   ~JohnFromCt / Orange Ct  

Nice Sauna

“We purchased this sauna in early December 2012. It arrived much quicker than expected. It does come in three sections on a pallet. Driver delivered it onto the driveway as noted. UPS will call ahead of time so you are home to accept delivery. Took us about half hour to 45 minutes to take all the pieces out of the cardboard boxes and bring them into the house. Some sections are heavy (the front glass door) but my husband and I were easily able to carry them into the house together. (We are in our 50’s). Note: some people may need help in getting these pieces up or down stairs. We did have an electrician come to the house ahead of time and put a dedicated circuit in the wall for the sauna since it is in a bedroom. It was easier then expected to assemble.  It looks like a beautiful piece of furniture sitting in the bedroom and the glass windows on the sides make it look and feel nice inside and outside. It is a bit snug for two people but each person sitting with the wooden backrests does make it more comfortable. One person can stretch out on the bench and really relax. It is very nicely made, the wood smells great and it works beautifully. There is a remote control for the multi-color inside lighting. There is also a nice outside light. Takes a short time to warm up to 120 degrees but you really get a good sweat in this sauna. We really love this product! Well worth the cost.”

Fivedogs / Colorado Springs, Colorado


Venture 400I Love This Sauna

“I received the Sauna about 3 weeks ago. I love it! Once you get everything out of the box it took only an hour to assembly myself. Super easy to assemble and all parts were there. It takes about 20 mins to get to 109F and about 30 mins to get to 120F, which is just fine for me. It is very relaxing and feel great to sweat without the hot air feeling in your lungs from a steam sauna. I use it everyday and it is well worth the price”  ~Kahun


Great Value

“I recieved my sauna today. It took me and another person a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes to unpack and set up the sauna. It heated up to 122 in about 35 minutes. I can’t be more pleased with the purchase. I have looked at other saunas on line and this one is the best deal, thanks.”

tomascat / Boise, ID  


Triumph 3 Person Ultra Low EMF Infrared Sauna

 First impression

Easy to put together looks great heats up fast I am a middle aged female and I assembled it by myself. Dont let that make you think this is some light weight flimsy product… it is solid. Like other reviewers here I clipped it together but did not screw the roof on because I wanted to test it out first. It looks really nice inside and out, I like the little external lights and the changing color light on the inside is a nice touch, although to be honest this is most likely more appreciated by a woman than a man ( I got this for my hubby Christmas present).  I ran the audio input thru the roof as I m not sure if I should take an MP3 device actually inside. I will check on this and its easy to re arrange since I havent yet screwed on the roof. Initially I had one speaker not working and I was planning to call about that but now it is. I will test it out again tomorrow. The sound quality is good and I know that my husband will enjoy audio whilst using it. I am excited about this sauna and so happy I chose this model. As long as it continues to function this way I will be a satisfied customer and happy to recommend it any one.

soupeeuk / MN  


I put in our exercise room where it fit perfectly.

I put the sauna together which was very easy and it works great. I put in our exercise room where it fit perfectly. I use it almost every evening and feel great afterwards.

Steve / Oak Harbor, WA (between Seattle and Mt. Vernon, WA)

Tahira 150Outstanding

Solid very nice fit and finish easy assembly., great dry far infrared heat accurate controls., unbelievable value for the cost.

Well packaged: the front & back walls in one box; the sides in the 2nd, and the bottom and top in the 3rd. Took about 30 minutes to get everything laid out at the installation site (finished basement den). It literally snapped together in about another 30 minutes, using 2 persons. The 6 panels interlocked perfectly, indicating excellent dimensional control at the factory. The only slightly tricky part is attaching the door handle. You’ve got to loosen the 4 allen screws to pull the handle apart, then unscew the 2 contoured pin bolts that hold the handle to the glass door. The instructions are vague, but after you pull the handle apart it will be clear to you.
This is a very fine looking sauna and solidly built. I haven’t bothered screwing down the panels yet…It seems rock solid as it stands.
It heats up to 120 in about 15 minutes in a 65 deg room, and cycles with a 4 deg drop from the set temperature. The unit came with a spare temp sensor (just in case the one on the unit broke in shipping…it didn’t), so I have a spare in case I ever need to replace it.
Two average sized adults (5’10) can get a good sweat in this unit and it’s quite spacious for one. A truly outstanding value!”
neuron / Oakland, CA  


Paz 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Excellent quality

“I got it on July 19, 2012. They do not delivery it into your house, but they can put the boxes in the garage. It took me more than an hour to assembler but I did it by myself without any help. It comes with a control remote to change the colors of the interior light and an extra temperature sensor.  I love it”


love this sauna

“i bought this sauna 6 months ago and waited until now so I knew it would keep working perfectly…and it has. Super easy to assemble and flawless…exactly how it is described. Heats to 47 c in about 20 mins and to about 64 c in 30 to 35 mins. everything works great and it is used about 5 times a week at least. well worth it!!”

Faith 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
Nice Product

Very nice looking not so easy to put together “Delivered on time; no damage; well packed; took at least 30 minutes to unpack and get ready to assemble. Assembly time for my wife and me was over 3 hours, including a call back to the manufacturer for help. Keep the walls square to install the front door panel and the door handle installation is tricky. It is good looking once assembled.” ~clart


Great product

“Delivered in less then a week. Set up with 2 peoplle in less then an hour. Looks great and is exactly what we were looking for.”

fouradam2 / Reno NV  


This is a great product

Pros: very comfortable far infrared heat, heats up pretty quickly, controls work well, good quality build, the 1-2 person is big enough, right away customer service, great warranty
Cons: why didn’t i get one of these sooner.
“I am impressed with the product, the speed of shipping, the way it assembles and especially the way it works. I am glad I got this.”
flylowguy / Tucson AZ  


Outstanding item

“From shipping to instructions to performance, the sauna arrived just as described on the web site. The trucker brought it into my garage where we opened it and brought it into the house in sections.
I had one small problem with the door “rubbing” as it closed. I called customer service and they quickly resolved the issue.
My wife and I couldn’t be happier!”
CoachTB  / Scarsdale, NY  


Venture 400Great product, great customer service too.

“As others have pointed out, the sauna is very well made, relatively easy to install (definitely requires two people) and is a pleasure to use. When we completed our installation I noticed that the control panel was not working properly, I emailed the manufacturer and within the hour they responded with recommendations on how to diagnose the problem. Turns out, it was a faulty control cable. They immediately shipped me a replacement, and all is well. Great product, and great service (and at an unbeatable price).”   ~GabeD / Boston, MA  


revitalize 698 x 90 x 1